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Combining the spiritual grace of ancient Hebrew music with an unapologetically feminine rock attitude, Anat Tuvia creates music that transcends genres, borders, and time.  Born in Israel, Anat studied classical music at the Academy of Music in Jerusalem.  But her intense need to improvise and explore did not fit into the rigid classical world, so she set out to become a singer/songwriter, allowing her to follow her muse. 

She immersed herself in modern styles from electro pop to rock and jazz, and began freely mixing these influences with her classical upbringing.  The result is an enchanting and mystical style that defies easy categorization.  Splitting her time between Jerusalem and Berlin, Anat has created several albums that have garnered critical attention and praise.  Her latest project involves her rewriting 11 Italian Arias with Hebrew text, bringing new meaning to the timeless beauty of the melodies.  She is as renowned for her largely improvised live performances as she is for her stunning recordings, and is fully committed to using her talents to spread peace and spiritual growth.

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