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About the Project 

Counting for the memory of the 6,0000,000 Jews who lost their life in world war Ⅱ because of hate.
There is no doubt that the experience of the holocaust very much accelerated the return of the Jews to their mother land.
Israel is mentioned in the Old Testament again and again as the land that god promised to the Jewish people. For thousands of years It was a dream and since 1948 it is an official modern

Being a second-generation to the holocaust survivors gave me the inspiration to count in various ways for the memory of the ones who lost their lives under horrific conditions. I am here because of a story and a history. I would like to revive this memory. This memory brings modesty to my perception. Modesty is somehow a necessary ingredient these days I feel and I have an inner call to spread modesty, patience, and love by the action of counting.

Years 2020, 2021 showed us that we have to act together in order to save ourselves from our selves. We have to look at things globally as well as aiming for true peace among nations. Emotional piece not only piece that belongs to the investment world. We are all deeply connected to each other. The process of counting is meant to raise awareness. As we count, things get clearer to us.

A major part of my adult life I spent in Berlin, Germany.  I wanted to discover, I wanted to receive answers. In Berlin I met my "enemies" and could make friends with people with whom I would never have a chance to get close to.
Those friends come from cultures that have no official diplomatic relationships with Israel.
Berlin has a big influence on me as an artist. Counting artistically allows me to express my points of view. 

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